Method Of Applying Henna

Make fine dust or powder of dried leaves of henna. Henna powder or henna paste is available from market also. Sift the powder twice or thrice with the help of fine muslin cloth.

Eight to ten drops of eucalyptus oil into the lemon juice and add henna powder. Add tea extract with it. Mix this mixture without lump.

Prepare a paper cone for applying henna.

A mixture of lemon juice and sugar should be kept ready ina small bowl. Continue to applying this mixture gently with a clean cotton patch to that part of the hand or the leg where henna has been applied, so that the henna does not get dry and fall off. Then proceed with applying henna to other parts of hands or legs.

The applied henna should be removed after four or five hours. Moreover, care should be taken not to allow water to touch that part where it was applied for about 12 to 14 hours even after removing the henna.

After removing the henna apply mustard oil on the parts where henna was applied or heat the powder of 4 or 5 cloves on an iron pan and hold the parts to which henna was applied over that heat for some time.